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Rabii Mhamdi

Rabii Mhamdi


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the mandalorian: create a sunset scene using stock images

Gain the skillset you need by learning how to create an advanced sunset scene using only stock images and mastering things like matching light and color, advanced masking, image blending, lighting effects, rim light painting techniques, and more

Rabii Mhamdi

Rabii Mhamdi

photoshop compositing: how to match subject with background

Learn how to composite and match your subject with any background and make it look realistic every time

Mastering photoshop compositing for advertising

Learn how to master photoshop compositing and retouching by creating an advanced ad composite

create a silhouette night scene in photoshop

take a different approach to compositing and learn how to create a Star Wars silhouette night scene,

what the community says about my courses

❝ This was awesome! He is a great, very clear instructor...., I am not entirely a photoshop newbie but this instructor has shown me that I was missing out on the true power of this software.... I had no idea! WOW!! Thank you! ❞
Michael Rytter
❝ it's very easy to follow along. Photoshop can be a bit intimidating, but they make it look so simple, which gives me more confidence to explore other settings. Thanks guys! ❞
Robbie L
❝ In this course I learned to work better on image manipulation techniques. It's an excellent video lesson, the kind I like to watch. Thanks Rabii Mhamdi! ❞
Jefferson Santos
❝ Very good course. i learned so many things. thanks you ❞
Md. Khandakar Al Kayes
❝ j'aime la facilité de travaill ❞
Ayyoub es-smaki
❝ Teaches what it says on the tin, narration is on point. Thanks for an awesome course! ❞
Mert Emrem
❝ Incredible course, .I have learned so much, and learned amazing techniques that I've not seen anywhere.. I suggest this course to everyone. ❞
Eid Nawaz

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